California Cookies


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A cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush, Cali Cookies is an indica dominant cannabis strain that is reported by consumers to provide tremendous levels of cerebral euphoria along with a deep body buzz. This strain is a classic that creates demand whenever cultivated and available.

Those who have enjoyed Cali Cookies say it is a true hybrid with indica leanings that will relax you to very deep levels and keep you alert enough to truly enjoy the journey of the high.

Upon observation of this strain, you immediately notice the buds have deep green and purple hues with a sweet and chocolatey aroma. That sweet and chocolate translate to a similar flavor with an exhale of chocolate and mint.

This strain is powerful, often exhibiting THC levels upwards of 28% combined with predominant terpene levels of linaloolmyrcene, and limonene.


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