Smokeable Cups and Bowls


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We now have mugs that you can enjoy your morning coffee along with a bowl to start your day off right.

Colour & Style

Roast & Toast Black Mug, Purple 420 smokeable Mug, Roast & Toast Smokeable Mug Purple, Cream colour with strips smokeable Mug, Black High Tea smokeable Mug, Roast & Toast Smokeable Blue, Green Roast & toast Smokeable Mug, Green Smokeable Bowl, Roast & Toast (Fire & yellow), 6 pack Smokeable Mug, Prescription Coffee smokeable Mug, Breast Smokeable Mug, Stoner Mom smokeable Mug, Kush & Coca Smokeable Mug, Burger Smokeable Mug, 420 Green Smokeable Mug, Skull Smokeable Mug, White Roast & Toast, Pink Stoner Girl

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