Concentrate Product Explanations

Learn more about the concentrate products we carry so you can have all the knowledge we have to share if you can't make it into our store.


Like shatter, but whipped like butter under heat during the extraction process. Creates a cake-batter like texture.


Very potent dried oil. Also known as Honeycomb Wax. Extracted using solvents.


Isolated cannabinoids in their pure crystal structure. 99% THC Extract, said to be on of the purest forms of cannabis.


Pure Cannabiniod extract that is typically free of taste, smell and flavour. Can be over 99% THC/CBD. Very Potent. It is the base of most edibles and vape cartridges.

Hash/Bubble Hash

Uses water, ice and mesh screens to pull out whole trichomes into a paste-like consistency. Brown black called "solids" or "Hashish".

Kief/Dry Sift

Ground cannabis filtered with screens leaving behind complete trichome glands. Collected at the bottom of a 3 tiered grinder. Around 35 — 45% THC.


Extracted using heat and pressure with no chemicals. A very clean, potent extract.


A translucent, brittle and often golden to amber coloured extract, made using solvents.

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