El Patron Vapes


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One of least expensive vapes with great quality product.

As each vape pen is made with High Grade Distillate and FDA Approved terpenes.

With the high turnover,  the flavours will be listed but if the flavour is not available at the time

it will be replaced with a different flavour that will be chosen from one of our many experienced bud tenders who will

chose one that is of similar taste.


Apple Ice, Banana Ice, Bubblegum, Blueberry Ice, Blood Orange Ice, Coca Cola, Do-Si-Dos, El Patron, Fruit Punch, Jack Herer, Lime, Orange Creamsicle, Peach, Pina Colada, Redbull, Root Beer, Strawberry Ice, Strawberry Lemonade, Skittles, Tropical, Watermelon

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