5 Benefits Of Pet CBD

CBD is a wonderful extract of cannabis that does not induce psychoactive highs but does promote healing! You enjoy what CBD offers you – and maybe the thought of sharing cannabis with your pet has crossed your mind. Did you know cannabis is actually safe for pets in some forms? CBD can offer a number of perks for our furry pals, 5 of which we’ll explore below.

Joint Pain


petJust like in humans, CBD oil can induce relaxation in animals! Dogs and cats are prone to developing degenerative joint diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions may be due to obesity or poor genetics, or they may be more apparent in some breeds.




Does your animal companion walk with a limp sometimes? Similar to the above point, animals experience some degeneration as they age. Your dog may not be able to keep up with you on your walks like he used to. Even horses could benefit from CBD!




As any devoted cannabis user could tell you, weed use tends to make you hungry. Dogs and cats aren’t immune to the munchies either! Are you troubled by how disinterested your pet seems in their evening meal? Add a little CBD oil to their food to increase their appetite.




Some of us are especially attuned to our pets and can tell they need something more than a scratch behind the ears to help relax. Do you regularly travel with your pets and worry about their reaction to a change in surroundings? Is a trip to the vet enough to send them into a panic? Your pet may enjoy some calming CBD oil before takeoff.




petsCBD oil can ease not just travel and separation anxiety, but all types of anxiety, including fear-based and defensive aggression. If your pet’s behaviour could appear or turn violent, someone could get hurt, you could be fined, and your pet may put itself in harm’s way. Ask your vet if CBD is a viable option in treating your pet’s aggressive tendencies.

Please note that just like in people, cannabis presents a number of side effects for dogs and cats. Be aware that…:

  • CBD can cause drops in blood pressure and temporary drowsiness. 
  • Dry mouth is not unheard of, so make sure to offer your buddy plenty of water in case they get thirsty.
  • Dogs’ and cats’ bodies are significantly smaller than humans’! Check that their dosage isn’t too strong for their weight and consult with your vet before committing to a treatment.
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