Month: August 2021

THC levels

How THC Levels Are Determined

  On the packaging for cannabis, you’ll see the levels of THC and CBD in the product. Many consumers choose their bud, edible, or extract based on the level of THC – some need a high amount to enjoy it, others need a low to moderate level. But have you ever wondered how these levels are determined? Here’s …

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What Is CBD?

  You’ve seen CBD on store shelves, and maybe you choose recreational strains with higher levels of it. But what is CBD exactly, and why do so many people love tinctures, oils, and capsules made from this extract? 


2021 Trends In Edibles

  The reluctance to smoke is one of the main factors behind the growth of cannabis-infused products over the past few years. A favourite among some, they used to come almost exclusively as baked goods made with cannabis oil. Now, their popularity has led to many new products, which makes sense: edibles are inconspicuous, allow …

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