What’s All The Buzz About Euphoria Extractions Edibles?

The market for home-grown Canadian edibles is getting better all the time, and it seems we’re always excited about a new product these days! One recent company to catch our attention is Euphoria Extractions. You’ll want to get your hands on their delicious line of edibles ASAP!

This company makes their products with quality, Canadian-grown cannabis. Euphoria’s Shatter Chocolate Bars, Brownies, Cookies and Chews is making huge waves in the cannabis community – here’s why!

Euphoria Extractions: A Consistent Edible Experience

Euphoria Extractions sought to solve a problem that has plagued edibles for years: giving a consistent experience. One issue many users have with edibles – especially when they’re made in a home kitchen – is that the THC isn’t consistent throughout the whole edible. Even one uneven experience can leave a bad taste in a newbie’s mouth, both figuratively and literally.

Euphoria Extractions cookies

Euphoria spent years testing different extraction methods, strains, and ingredients. The result is a finely-tuned line of products that have the right combination of flavour and effect. Euphoria products have a wide variety of strengths, too, giving consumers a choice between Sativa, Indica, and CBD edibles:

  • Euphoria Indica and Sativa Chocolate Bars come in both 250mg and 500mg strengths, in four different flavours: Milk Chocolate, Cookies and Green, Toffee Crunch, and Vegan Dark Chocolate
  • The Indica and Sativa Chocolate Brownies come between 10 and 60mg
  • The Indica and Sativa Chocolate Chip Cookies have 100mg per cookie
  • You can get their fruit chews in 5 and 20mg options

In every carefully-made option, Euphoria Extractions promises lab-tested, full-spectrum extracts from the finest Canadian sources. For the experience, they use Cannabutter – pretty much exactly what it sounds like – and a type of extract called shatter. What is shatter?

What Is “Shatter”?

Some options in the Euphoria Extractions line have the word “shatter” in their names, but what does this mean for edibles? Shatter is a cannabis extract that is very brittle, much like a crumbly wax or, more often, broken glass (hence the name). Euphoria Extractions uses this type of extract for all their THC and CBD products.

Consuming Euphoria Extractions

Euphoria Extractions chocolate

It’s no secret that one of the reasons Euphoria is so popular is because they’re a cool company focused on a variety of cannabis experiences. They believe that everyone of age in Canada should have the option of “experiencing mind-opening freedom, spiritual exploration, and self-healing safely and transparently.” 

As such, they also recognize that edible doses depend on an individual’s tolerance, body chemistry (this is usually their endocannabinoid system), and the experience the user wants. How you consume Euphoria products depends on your level of experience: 

  • Beginners should start with 0-2.5mg (half a 5mg Chew) to determine if cannabis is right for them. 
  • Casual users can go up to 15mg (roughly a segment of a chocolate bar)
  • Regular edible consumers should go no higher than 30mg to reach a feeling of euphoria
  • Experienced cannabis connoisseurs can go up to 50mg (half a Chocolate Chip Cookie)
  • For pain management, Euphoria does recommend between 50 – 100mg, but this comes with extreme side effects such as rapid heart rate, and nausea. You’re very likely to have impaired perception. 

As with all cannabis products, do enjoy responsibly and within your tolerance. Always read and follow the label of the product, and keep safely away from children!

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