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Four Reasons Honey Badger Terp Diamonds Are Awesome

Cannabis extracts take many forms, and one of the more unique ones is the terp diamond. “Terp” is short for terpenes, the essential oil of marijuana. These extracts start as an oily, viscous sauce which develops little crystals at the bottom. Refine this concentrate further and you get larger terp diamonds. 

The terpene content gives every strain its unique flavour and aroma, and these strains can be turned into a potent, unique diamond. For those looking for a new, pure cannabis experience, Honey Badger Terp Diamonds are the perfect choice. Here are four reasons why!

Honey Badger Terp Diamonds Are Pure

Cannabis concentrates used to come as crude extracts made in home kitchens, and it took a lot of skill and innovation to get these products to the pure, high-potency substances we know and love today. A terp diamond’s size and shape are determined by the refiner’s crystallization process. The result is pure tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or THCA, in a crystal form that releases the THC when heated. 

Honey Badger Terp Diamonds Extracts begin as only the highest-quality bud. Their artisan extractors use a state-of-the-art, sub-zero closed loop extraction system with distilled N-butane. They then dewax all their products to achieve maximum clarity, stability and flavour. These diamonds are perfect for your dab rig, e-rig, vaporize, or whatever device you use!

They Taste And Smell Amazing

One reason Honey Badger is a favourite at Purple Leaf is because the company always delivers a premium product. Aesthetically, yes – these little diamonds are beautiful to look at – but we’re talking flavour and aroma. The terpenes in cannabis give each strain its unique smell and taste, and when reduced to crystals, the result is an incredibly pure, smooth experience. 

These Terp Diamonds Come In So Many Strains

Honey Badger offers an incredibly diverse range of strains and types, taking them from both hybrids and indicas. The refining process guarantees no loss of terpenes and maintains a high THC level in every package. Each product has a unique flavour and aroma you’ll definitely enjoy – you might even see some of your favourite strains on this list!:

OG Kush, Original Glue, Truffle Butter, Tangerine Dream, Sour Diesel, Ice Cream Cake, Slurricane, Girl Scout Cookies, Papaya, Washing Machine, Chocolate Mint OG, Garlic Juice, Blue Gelato, and One Trick Pony.

The Experience Is Unlike Any Other

Terp diamonds are a more recent advancement in cannabis. If you’re a concentrate enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with vape cartridges that are loaded with sauce. Diamonds are another way to enjoy cannabis!

Honey Badger’s sweet flavour and thick, smooth hits are already changing the way we enjoy cannabis. For dabbing connoisseurs whose tastes have turned from shatter to sauce, pure terp diamonds are the next step.

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