How To Brew Great THC/CBD Coffee


Many cannabis connoisseurs and wellness enthusiasts find the most enjoyable way to start or end the day is by combining their two favourites: coffee and cannabis!

When pouring a morning cup of joe, many love using their favourite CBD extract; ending your day with a decaf cup of THC-infused coffee is an amazing experience, too. How can you brew a great cup of THC/CBD coffee?

What Is THC/CBD Coffee?


THC and CBD are active compounds in the cannabis plant. You can enjoy them and their recreational or therapeutic properties in many ways: smoking, vaping, and extracts are just a few. Many consumers think about the last one as solid foods – brownies, chocolates, gummies, and the like. But you can make hot drinks using the same principle! 

If you have a supply of cannabis oil, you can make weed coffee at home. It can be as simple as putting a few drops of your oil in the coffee or buying a bag of beans infused with cannabinoids. If you’re using CBD, you can derive many of the therapeutic benefits that way; if you enjoy THC recreationally, a good cup of decaf in the evening (or a full-caf cup during the day on weekends) is a way to enjoy your high!

If you’re adding it to your coffee, use a French press for the best results. Here’s how you can make the most of your cannabis coffee experience!


How To Brew Great THC/CBD Coffee


The best device for brewing a pot of THC/CBD coffee is the French press. An old standby in many kitchens, French presses are great because they don’t soak up flavour like a filtered pot, percolating a stronger taste. For many users who enjoy THC/CBD coffee, this is essential when you may not prefer the taste of your cannabinoid oil.

  • Grind two tablespoons of your favourite coffee beans to medium-coarse and scoop it into your French press.
  • Take your favourite distillate or oil and drop 1ml into the French press.
  • Pour hot water that’s not quite boiling (let the kettle sit for a minute or two after coming to a boil) into the French press and give it a good stir. Boiling water can compromise the flavour of the coffee and the potency of the cannabis!
  • Place the plunger top on the pot, stopping just above the water and ground coffee. Let stand for 3-4 minutes without plunging!
  • After the time has elapsed, press the plunger down slowly and with steady pressure.


How Do THC Coffee Products Work?


CoffeeYou can also make coffee using beans already infused with THC and CBD! Like other edibles, the THC and CBD in infused coffee must be properly extracted and isolated from other compounds before they can infuse through the drink. 

Many companies have spent years perfecting roasting processes that allow for efficient cannabinoid infusion that doesn’t sacrifice the taste. When they roast and grind the beans, the natural oils coffee beans release act as the carrier of the cannabinoids. Otherwise, master brewers have found that the overall coffee taste becomes severely compromised.

When brewing your coffee, remember that the high can take a while to kick in. All edibles take some time for the body to process, even longer with drinks!

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