What’s The Deal? All About Our 1g Surprise Strain Cannabis Deal!

The Purple Leaf understands how it can be costly to purchase cannabis. The Purple Leaf offers many promotions and sales but the most popular cannabis product deal would be The Purple Leaf’s 1g Surprise Strain Deal! This cannabis deal is great for anyone who wants to try a surprise strain and can’t decide which one to choose!

About Our 1g Surprise Strain Cannabis Deal

The Purple Leaf surprise strain deal is only $5 per gram. This awesome cannabis deal is one of The Purple Leaf’s dispensary benefits. The Purple Leaf carries many other cannabis strains for everyone’s needs. The Purple Leaf does their very best to offer recreational and medical cannabis at the best price for every cannabis user. This cheap cannabis deal if definitely worth trying. Grab your 1g surprise cannabis strain today!

About Purple Leaf Cannabis


The Purple Leaf aims to provide its clients with the best customer service, the highest quality product and at the same time keep equal prices. The Purple Leaf has indicas, sativas, and effective CBD cannabis. They carry vape cartridges, extracts, and a wide range of edibles. The Purple Leaf bath bombs, soaps, and pain reliever creams will also help you relax. Get top quality marijuana delivered straight to your door. Read the reviews on our site to see why our customers love us!

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