This Month’s Featured Product: Diamond Shatter

This month’s Featured Product has us feeling excited: it’s Diamond Concentrates Shatter! This company is Canada’s premier Seed-to-Sale extract company. Every strain they carry is grown in-house and extracted using state-of-the-art refining methods, and the results have made them well-known in the industry – they were even the extract winner for Cannabis Cup 2017!

Their signature product is a form of concentrate called shatter. What is this, and how can you enjoy it?

What Is Diamond Shatter?

Diamond Concentrates Shatter is a line of premium concentrates. For the uninitiated, concentrates are products made from cannabis that have been processed to keep the plant compounds that give a strain their characteristics (the cannabinoids THC and CBD, as well as the terpenes, the aromatic molecules responsible for the strain’s unique aroma). In the process, Diamond removes excess plant material and any impurities, with an incredibly potent concentrate as the final product.

The Shatter made by Diamond Concentrates is one of the purest cannabis products available. The company takes extra steps to ensure that their concentrates are of the highest quality, with every Diamond product going through rigorous testing to ensure that every package has accurate THC and CBD levels. 

Diamond uses a process called a nug run, where the higher-quality concentrates are made using only the cannabis flowers rather than trim, the parts removed during the manicuring of the plant. Diamond selects only the finest flowers and uses a safe, medical-grade butane to make these concentrates. 

How Can You Use Diamond Shatter?

To best enjoy Diamond Shatter, you can use a dab rig. Break off a tiny piece of shatter and place it on your dabber. (Seriously, you don’t need a lot – you can make shatter concentrates go a long way!) Use a heating implement like a butane torch to get the nail – the surface on which you place the shatter – nice and hot. Concentrates have a higher burning point than flower does, so to inhale them as a vapour, your heating implement must be able to get the surface hot. 

After heating the nail, wait a minute so that the heat can disperse and the nail surface can cool a little. Then place your dose on the nail inside the dome and inhale the vapour. The high concentration of cannabinoids and smooth vapour make dabbing an incredible experience, but it’s not the only way to use Diamond Shatter. You can also sprinkle a small amount of shatter on your flower to increase its potency.

What Diamond Shatter Can You Find At The Purple Leaf?

Diamond Concentrates uses different cannabis strains, giving users more options to go with their vaping or smoking experience. At the Purple Leaf, you’ll find:

  • 5th Element Indica
  • Cinderella 99 Hybrid
  • Purple Strawberry Sherbet Hybrid
  • Blue Kiss Hybrid
  • Diablo Indica
  • Willy’s Wonder Indica

Always get in touch before placing your order to make sure we have the product in stock!

Diamond Concentrates Shatter offers everything you’d expect from a great extract: pristine glass, beautifully pungent, and chock-full of terpenes. You can purchase this line of Canadian-made concentrate at your favourite local marijuana dispensary, the Purple Leaf!

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