Three Ways To Be Sure You Picked An Awesome Weed Delivery Service

Weed delivery services are now legal in Ontario, and they add a ton of convenience for customers who want their bud and want it fast. But it’s not always enough to place an order and receive it – there’s a lot to expect from the company you choose. Here are three signs that show you’ve picked an awesome weed delivery service!

They Have A Wide Selection Of Products

For starters, an excellent delivery service will have a wide range of cannabis products. This way, you get all your favourites in the same place, rather than bouncing from shop to shop and expecting three or four packages. Their menu should span the entirety of the industry, including dried flower, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, edibles like gummies and chocolate, and CBD products.

Making an order through their website is easy, with a simple site interface and plenty of product information related to ingredients, source, and effects. They are also clear about the proper delivery times and what you can expect. 

Your Delivery Person Is Discrete

When it comes to delivery, you probably prefer discretion. A no-fuss delivery comes unmarked in regular-looking vehicles. It’s a sort of “brown paper bag” approach most customers want. Even if they don’t care, we can’t presume that people want the whole neighbourhood to know what they are receiving!

Discretion is the hallmark of a legitimate delivery service. In Ontario, the delivery driver must be a direct employee of the store – no third-parties allowed. If it’s an awesome (read: legit) delivery company, who delivers your weed should be a company worker! This leads us to our third point, one that separates the best from the bad (or the merely good). 

You Get More Than Just Delivery!

Your orders are always at your doorstep when promised, the delivery people are discreet – but what else can your delivery service do for you? As it turns out, there’s so much more you can and should expect from companies like ours!

Weed’s not like pizza – a lot of people are new to the product and variety available to them. They probably have some questions or want some advice to make the best choices for their recreational needs. A good delivery service will be open to offering suggestions, giving advice on similar products, and improving your experience with ordering in the future. This is especially true when you’re making all your purchases online – sometimes, you just need a recommendation from someone in person!

If you love getting tips about the products and recent arrivals, don’t be afraid to ask The Purple Leaf. Through our website, blog, and knowledgeable staff, we always make sure our customers – whether they’re in the London area or across Canada – get the best experience possible. Our combination of variety, savings, efficient delivery, and knowledgeable staff makes The Purple Leaf London’s best weed delivery service.

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