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Top 5 Indica Strains

If you’re looking for a mellow and relaxing high, indica strains are the way to go. Indicas are known for their body-highs, which can be perfect after a long day of work or when you’re just looking to relax on the couch. Let’s discuss five of our favorite indica strains from The Purple Leaf dispensary.



Tom Ford

Tom Ford has a very sweet but sour profile of honey & citrus blends with a backsplash of earthy, wood notes. the mixture of flavours and aromas from this unique strain are followed with eases to anxiety, stress, chronic pain & depression.


Mendo Cheddar Breath

Mendo Cheddar Breath with its 24% THC level, this strain will creep up on you and hit you with a full body and relaxing high! The sweet aromas of the burning flower stem from there strains (crossed) OG Kush Breath X Mendo Montage.


Grape Pie

Grape Pie’s name isn’t just a pretty name. The strain Grape Pie holds up its name by its Sour, Sugary Grape flavoured terps & aromas. This crossbred strain birthed from Cherry Pie X Alien Kush-F2 Hybrid is guaranteed a nice relaxing intense body high & you might even be able to catch a case of the munchies too!


Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush and its deep sense of calming waves will bring relief to pain, nausea & stress disorders. With its THC level being at 19%, don’t let this strain fool you. the high is smooth, full with strong flavour & following with potent punch!


Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese’ sleepy relaxing effects can be helped brought on by the sweet, savoury smells of berry & blue cheese. These aromas combined create a unique initial flavour of blue cheese.



These are just a few of our favorite indica strains from The Purple Leaf dispensary. If you’re looking for a relaxing and medicated high, give one of these strains a try. You won’t be disappointed! Shop indica cannabis flower online fast and easy with The Purple Leaf.


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