What’s All The Hype About Diamond Shatter?

The legalization of cannabis has given Canadians many more products to try and experience for the first time. One of them is shatter, a concentrate that removes the excess fats and unwanted materials out of the cannabis plant to get it down to its essential oil. The makers then harden and flatten out the oils, with the final material referred to as “shatter” because it’s brittle and glass-like. 

Shatter is great for vaporizers, dab rigs, or to put on top of a bowl of cannabis flower. Customers of the Purple Leaf may have heard about the hype surrounding Diamond Concentrates. What’s getting industry people and regular users so excited? 

Diamond Concentrates Is Purely Canadian

One reason the shatter from Diamond Concentrates is getting a lot of press in Canada is that they grow, refine, and sell their product in our country. In the business, we call them a “seed-to-sale extract company,” meaning they grow and process every gram of product in-house. This lets the Diamond Concentrates team control every part of the process. Not only does this ensure that they package and sell only the highest quality concentrates, but every dollar you spend stays in Canada, too!

Diamond Shatter Comes In A Wide Variety of Options

Diamond Shatter Mix

Variety is the spice of life. Diamond Concentrates took this saying to heart when choosing what strains to refine into their line of concentrates. They offer a good selection of strains using many different Indicas and Hybrids, including:

  • 5th Element Indica
  • Cinderella 99 Hybrid
  • Purple Strawberry Sherbet Hybrid
  • Blue Kiss Hybrid
  • Diablo Indica
  • Willy’s Wonder Indica

This is ideal for those who choose shatter as a part of their medicinal marijuana routine. Not everyone’s endocannabinoid system is the same, and some patients find certain Hybrids or Indicas work better than others. Those who rely on a specific cannabis type for pain or nausea management can consult the Diamond Concentrate packaging for the exact effects they can expect.

Diamond Shatter Gives Customers What They Want

As we said, all Diamond Concentrates products are controlled from seed to sale, giving them complete control over what they package. The process isn’t only about choosing the right plants, though – Diamond lab tests all their shatter to make sure the THC and CBD percentages are as accurate as possible. 

They also include a full product description on every package. This covers everything from the unique aromas, flavours, and effects of the concentrate, as well as the strain genetics and parenthood. All this knowledge creates a more personalized experience for the customer, and Purple Leaf shoppers can get exactly what they want out of their choice of strain.

Whether you’re an experienced user of shatter or someone looking to try something new, Diamond Concentrates is a company getting a lot of users excited. It’s a fine Canadian company that has built a reputation for high-quality, reliable products made from an exceptional selection of cannabis extracts! You’ll find a wide variety at the Purple Leaf dispensary – call ahead to make sure we have your desired strain!

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