THC Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs With CBD/THC: Why And How To Use Them

Thanks to the popularity of weed-infused products, there’s now a way to make your next bath more relaxing. Bath bombs infused with THC or CBD (or both!) add the relaxing effects of weed to the soothing combination of baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils!

Cannabinoids make for an enjoyable infusion to a bath product that already provides aromatherapy and skin nourishment. These bath bombs can work using the largest organ in (or on) your body: the skin!

How Do CBD/THC-Infused Bath Bombs Work?


THC Bath BombsThe skin is your body’s barrier, and it protects the necessary nutrients, chemicals, and systems while stopping dangerous substances from entering the body. However, this barrier isn’t an impenetrable force; it’s a series of overlapping layers, and it can absorb substances. 

One system your skin protects is your circulatory system, which just so happens to be the body’s best mechanism for delivering cannabinoids to your nervous system. When a substance like cannabis essential oil touches your skin, it’ll absorb some of it through a passive diffusion process called percutaneous absorption. The THC and CBD in the oil included in the bath bomb will make their way into your bloodstream.

Baths also prepare your skin for improved absorption. The hot water opens your pores in a way that may feel more intense than if you were to use other topical products. 


What Can I Expect From Bath Bombs Infused With Cannabinoids?


THC Bath BombDon’t expect too much right away from your CBD/THC bath bombs! Absorbing cannabinoids through the skin isn’t the most efficient method for conveying them to your bloodstream, so it’s not like smoking a joint. 

If the concentration of cannabis oil on your skin is strong enough and the pores in your skin are more open from the hot water, the THC and CBD contained in the bath bomb will better enter your circulatory system. 

You’ll feel the effects best in a long bath, so take your time and enjoy the relaxing soak enhanced by your CBD/THC bath bomb!


How Should I Use CBD/THC Bath Bombs?


As you probably understand by now, a THC/CBD bath bomb is much like an ordinary bath bomb but with the added benefit of cannabidiols. The best way to use this kind of product is when you need some ultimate relaxation: fill up your tub with warm water, then drop the product into the water and watch it fizz and dissolve. As the bath bomb unleashes its ingredients, the THC and CBD release into the water with the essential oils and baking soda.

To get the best results, make sure you soak in the bath for at least 30 minutes. Make the most of the experience by queuing up some of your favourite relaxing music, lighting a few candles, and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

You may also want to use cannabis-infused bath bombs for their therapeutic effects. We know that CBD-containing products influence the body in ways that can be anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety. Cannabinoids can be effective for pain relief, and they might be helpful for those suffering from aches, sore muscles, cramps, chronic pain, and other forms of body pain.

You also might feel a high that gets more intense after your bath. For this reason, you must keep bath bombs infused with THC and CBD in a safe place away from children and those who might not know these products contain cannabis.

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