2021 Trends In Edibles


The reluctance to smoke is one of the main factors behind the growth of cannabis-infused products over the past few years. A favourite among some, they used to come almost exclusively as baked goods made with cannabis oil. Now, their popularity has led to many new products, which makes sense: edibles are inconspicuous, allow consumers to enjoy them recreationally or therapeutically on the sly, and give people more control over the dosage. 

In recent years – whether as part of a long-term shift or due to the novelty – consumer preferences have moved from smoking bud to taking edibles. Where are edibles trending in 2021? Here are five of the trendiest of these cannabis products for this year and beyond!

CBD Edibles


Eating CBD edibles is likely to become a trend in 2021. CBD-only edibles have become more popular on the market as consumers seek the medicinal benefits of cannabis. In addition to being non-psychoactive, CBD edible products can be used as medication.


Cold Beverages


When you hear the word “edibles,” your mind usually jumps straight to cannabis brownies or cookies. However, edibles refer to any food, including beverages, that is infused with cannabis. Similarly to eating cannabis-infused foods, THC-infused soft drinks also metabolize in your stomach, so they can have a similar effect to eating weed gummies or baked goods. 

THC-infused sparkling water is a top trend, and like its non-psychoactive cousin, this beverage is here to stay. It is appealing to those wishing to reduce their sugar intake while still enjoying something tasty and relaxing.

The future may hold some surprises for cannabis beverages. In the next couple of years, technological advances like dissolvable cannabis powder (more below) will allow weed-infused beverages to take over the edible marketplace. THC isn’t only found in cold drinks!


Cannabis Tea


THC-infused drinks can be enjoyed on brisk days, too! You steep it like ordinary tea, making it easy for cannabis enthusiasts to turn to the comforting warmth of a cannabis-infused tea for relaxation. Much like other edibles, you’ll feel the effects for around 4 to 8 hours depending on the strength of your tea, and it could take as long as two hours before you notice the high take over.


New Forms Of Candy


The latest infusion machines and THC extractions are letting cannabis producers create so many new and exciting candies. You’ve seen and loved gummies, chocolates, and the always-amazing brownie, but now, the possibilities are almost endless: there are soft chews, mints, truffles, popping candy, maple candy, and other creative confections! If you have a sweet tooth, you can expect to find a THC-infused version of it.


Dissolvable Powders


EdiblesThe newest trend on this list, dissolvable cannabis powder is what the name suggests: fine cannabis that dissolves like Kool-Aid. Unlike Kool-Aid, though, these powders are tasteless and odourless, making them attractive options for users who don’t enjoy the taste of cannabis but still want to benefit from its medicinal or recreational properties. 

Dissolvable powders are versatile edibles, too. You can turn almost anything into an edible using this powder: mix into your favourite soft drink, juice, smoothie, protein shake, or hot beverage. You can also bake or cook with it!


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