Top 3 Women-Led Cannabis Brands in 2021

There are many opportunities in the cannabis industry for trailblazers. Because legalization is completely changing how people buy and sell bud, there’s more room on the ground floor for new voices. It’s why we’re seeing many female entrepreneurs taking charge in all areas of this exciting industry! 

From products to marketing to helping businesses get off the ground, the cannabis industry is expanding into a new, exciting future thanks to these women-led cannabis brands!

Rosy Mondin & World-Class Extractions

Based in Vancouver, World-Class Extractions Inc. is a leader in industrial-grade cannabis extraction. The company’s innovative processing solutions rest on a foundation of cannabis science and cutting-edge technology, and much of this success comes from the experience of Rosy Mondin. She pivoted from the world of law into the cannabis industry, and Rosy is now the CEO and director of this incredible company.

Rosy has turned her company into an industry leader in Canada and across the globe, using bold insights and the connections she built through the creation of high-quality cannabis products for premium consumer brands. The founder works to advance the industry in other ways, too: Mondin is the executive director and co-founder of the Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada and works as an advisor at ACCRES, which advocates for medical marijuana patients.

Mary Pryor & Cannaclusive

One way women are leading the way in the growing cannabis industry is by making it more inclusive. Few companies have done more than Cannaclusive, a California-based agency for the cannabis industry that offers marketing, visuals, consultancy, and advocacy. The company’s founder, Mary Pryor, is a passionate media expert who became interested in the cannabis industry after learning about its positive effects for Crohn’s Disease, which she was diagnosed with in 2015.

As she became more aware of the industry in Colorado (which, at the time, was one of the few states to legalize cannabis), Pryor found that the industry was catering to one demographic. She founded Cannaclusive to raise the representation of minority consumers and processors in the industry. Coming from a digital marketing specialist background, she realized that there still is a need for agencies that catered to culturally rich and niche audiences through digital and social marketing integration. In 2021, Cannaclusive is breaking new ground around the world!

April Pride & Van Der Pop

According to the most recent survey, almost 60% of cannabis consumers are male. It tends to give many weed products a “masculine” inclination that can leave some female users cold. Van Der Pop was founded by April Pride after she felt her husband’s pipe didn’t suit her tastes and couldn’t find one that met her exact needs. Now, this female-focused cannabis brand shows how cannabis can be a part of self-care without any associations attached! 

Van der Pop provides products and platforms for women to explore using cannabinoids for self-care in a nuanced, intuitive way. What started as a line of chic accessories became a contributor to the many ways women can overcome stigmas and enjoy cannabis as a guilt-free activity. Now, Van der Pop is a cultural phenomenon that includes advice columns, how-to guides, and even a podcast!

As more users find their niche, women-led cannabis brands are going to be crucial for businesses like ours. In 2021 and beyond, the Purple Leaf will be doing our part to make this product more inclusive!

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