What’s The Deal With Juicy J Papers?

Flavoured rolling papers have long been a staple of stashboxes, but many companies have let down smokers in the taste department – either they’re too much or not enough! One company, well-known for bringing new flavours that last, is Juicy Jay’s. 

Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are fully flavoured from end to end, which puts them in contrast with many other brands on the market that rely on a small “gum strip” of flavour. They’ve designed their papers to enhance the natural flavour of your bud. When you order Juicy Jay’s rolling papers from the Purple Leaf, what can you expect?

What Are Rolling Papers?

In case you’re new to cannabis, rolling papers surround your ground-up flower, which you then roll up to make a joint. Most rolling papers on the market use non-wood fibres in their production, with the materials coming from plants like hemp, flax, and rice straw. These materials tend to burn slower than wood pulp, making them more suitable for smoking. 

In producing papers, most companies combine the plant material with chemicals like calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, sodium and potassium citrate. Some will also bleach the paper and add chemicals to influence their product’s final colour, burn rate, and flavour. Other companies – like Juicy Jay’s – will instead add natural flavouring to the paper to make it more palatable and enhance the experience.

Good flavoured papers don’t affect the taste of the cannabis, but will rather lend a mellowing effect to strong-tasting buds; this has always been a particular interest of Juicy Jay’s! The company has made a name in the industry among those who combine cannabis with herbs like passionflower. Some stronger-tasting strains can be harsh to smoke, especially for first-timers – with flavoured papers, users get a smoother, more inviting experience!

What Are Juicy Jay’s Papers?

Juicy Jay’s papers get their flavouring from a proprietary triple-dipping process that provides an enhanced taste that can give cannabis smokers a taste that better accommodates their bud. It’s a slow process that both adds flavour to the paper and sweetens it, and Juicy Jay’s keeps this method a close secret!

If you’re wondering what’s in the paper, don’t worry – Juicy Jay’s guarantees a safe, clean product. On top of being some of the tastiest rolling papers around, these products are super fine and printed with soy ink. Lick one while rolling your joint, and you’ll understand immediately!

If you’re wondering, the name does not come from Three 6 Mafia founder (and Oscar winner) Juicy J; it’s an homage to LL Cool J, who the founder loved! Regardless of the name, each pack of Juicy Jay’s sweet, aromatic papers adds pleasure to the cannabis smoking experience.

You can find Juicy Jay’s papers at the Purple Leaf in Blackberry, Blueberry, and Grape flavours. Each package comes with a wooden tip that helps with airflow and prevents material from being inhaled through the filter and into your mouth. The tips are reusable with any brand of pre-rolled cones afterwards!

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