What Are The Most In-Demand Cannabis Products for 2020?

Experts say the sale of cannabis products will top $3 billion in 2020, which is incredible to think about, given how recent legalization was. This large market comes from neighborhood dispensaries providing Canadians with more of the products they want! 

Our Most Popular Cannabis Products:

There are three types of cannabis products very popular right now: edibles, extracts, and topicals. These products appeal to a wider range of people because they give more control over the cannabis experience, and at The Purple Leaf, we’re expecting a very high demand for them in 2020!


Medicinal cannabis with extract oil in a bottle.

Since their legalization last year, edibles have become one of the most in-demand products at dispensaries. Demand is only going to go up because many customers prefer gummies and chocolate that contain THC to other forms of marijuana. There’s no smoke or smell, and edibles are discreet and provide longer-lasting yet less intense highs.

Buying edibles from a dispensary is also very convenient. Extracting the THC from cannabis and putting it into baked goods or candies can be a messy process. It’s also hard to control where the infusion ends up, meaning you can have a high amount in one part of the batch and none in another. Dispensaries make it easier to get high-quality, consistent edibles without the mess, a convenience many consumers will appreciate in 2020!

Extracts for Vaping

Vaping is another discreet way of enjoying cannabis. It works by inhaling heated cannabis oil extract through a vaporizer. Many vape companies formulate their products to have a certain amount of THC and CBD, making it easier for new users to identify the strength of their product. Cartridges give users a smoother experience as vapes release vapour rather than smoke. It’s also more low-key because the clouds released by a vape don’t smell as strong.

Consumers have overwhelmed their local dispensaries since the legalization of cartridge sales last year. This is more than just for the sake of convenience because researchers traced some health problems in the United States to illicit cartridges. Dispensaries make sure that people don’t have to turn to counterfeit products, selling only safe and legit products!


Cannabis hemp cream background with a marijuana leaf.

The final new product type legalized for sale last year is topicals. These are products that use cannabis as an ingredient, and consumers apply them to their skin, hair, and nails. Topicals aren’t recreational products, but rather are ointments, balms and lotions that consumers buy because of the potential benefits related to health and well-being. Marijuana has a reputation as a pain reliever, and many people are turning to their local dispensaries for topical products made by legitimate companies. 

Be aware of the choices available: Health Canada has regulated product packaging to reduce “cannabis inducement,” meaning the packaging does not promote the benefits of the topical product. Dispensary workers are also not allowed to give any medical advice, so if you’re looking to try an infused topical, do your research ahead of time!

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