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What’s The Deal With YüGEN Herb Angels THC Distillate?

The popularity and legality of weed have pushed companies to innovate and keep up with the recreational and therapeutic needs and wants of consumers. One prime example is THC distillates, like those made by YüGEN Herb Angels! Distillates are distinct from concentrates, and much of this has to do with how the companies make them.

How Is THC Distillate Made?

Making distillates uses a revolutionary extraction technology that makes separating and purifying cannabinoids like THC and CBD very easy. It uses a revolutionary technology called short path distillation, and this system separates the cannabis into concentrations of THC and CBD distillates. Generally, short path distillation works by heating a flask, and the producer feeds the material into it. The system gradually increases the heat applied to the material in the flask, and a vacuum draws the vapours up into something called fractionating tubing. The contents move from the fractionating tubing to a condensing tube, where the fractions take separate paths. A piece of technology called a wiped film evaporator turns the extracted oil into the distillate.

This process lets cannabis produces create a “continuous feed” of distillation, which helps companies make large, consistent quantities of the distillate for longer periods. Because the cannabinoids in marijuana have a very high boiling point to vaporize, short path distillation and high-powered vacuums make for an effective way to distill the compounds at low temperatures.

What the customer ends up with is an incredible pure cannabis extract, one that needs no solvents to bind with marijuana products. These solvents, such as BHO, Co2 and alcohol, can be harmful for many reasons, so when the extraction process excludes and makes them unnecessary, you get a purer, healthier THC product.

What’s So Great About Herb Angels THC Distillate?

Distillates contain the purest form of THC, and Herb Angels offers them as a flavourless tincture. The product can be enjoyed recreationally, as it provides euphoric effects – just up the dosage! However, their distillate is a product that consumers can use to build up their dosage if they want to keep the psychoactive properties to a minimum. The user only has to apply the dose under the tongue, let it sit for 10 seconds, then swallow.

The THC enters the body via a process called sublingual administration, which means the tissues underneath the tongue absorb the cannabinoid and diffuse it through the bloodstream. The absorption helps the THC get to work incredibly quickly, and Herb Angel’s line of THC distillate tinctures is said to have many therapeutic uses: calming anxiety, reducing inflammation in the body, supporting pain management, and giving the consumer a deeper, more restful sleep.

The reason everyone’s talking about YüGEN Herb Angels distillates is because of the simplicity of the product, the incredible tech used to make it, and how it’s free of the impurities that some weed consumers consider unnecessary. On top of all these benefits, the THC distillate is carried in unflavoured MCT oil derived from coconut, and all their tinctures are organic, vegan and gluten-free.



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