What’s The Deal With Cannabis Caviar?

Weed concentrates come in many forms: hash oil, shatter, wax, etc. But one of the fancier-sounding products is cannabis caviar. This is a cannabis bud dipped in hash oil and (sometimes) coated in kief, a fine powder made from the trichomes or dried resin glands of the plant.

Also called caviar concentrates or caviar weed, this product is very high in THC. It’s ideal for the consumer who’s ready to try something other than flowers or edibles!

What Is Cannabis Caviar?

Cannabis concentrates are a compressed, concentrated form of marijuana. As a flower dipped in dried resin, caviar is in-between flowers and concentrates, offering something unique to those who want to go one step further. The kief makes the cannabis extra-potent, with higher levels of THC than other cannabis products.

Many people prefer caviar made from hybrid strains of marijuana. Once the bud has been harvested and cured, the makers dip it in cannabis oil. Some caviar products are dipped in kief, those tiny, sticky crystals made from the resin glands of the plant that contains terpenes and cannabinoids. This gives the cannabis caviar an extra punch!

How Do I Consume Cannabis Caviar?

Trying cannabis caviar is easy, and you can consume it just about every way you’d enjoy other products:

Smoke it: It’s best to add the caviar to some bud, as concentrates don’t burn well on their own. If you want to keep things straightforward, you can add a piece of it to a joint or put it in your bong. If you crumble it in with the rest of your flower, you’ll notice your hits become much stronger!

Vape it: Many vaporizers and pens can accommodate products like cannabis caviar in the chambers made for concentrates. Add a little caviar to the chamber of your device, heat the piece, and inhale when ready. Note that most concentrates need higher temperatures to heat up than herb.

Dab it: Dabbing is a great way to consume cannabis caviar, giving you the most potent effects when it comes to concentrates. Dabbing is kind of like an amped-up form of vaping, and you can dab cannabis caviar with a special rig and blow torch. Add the caviar to the nail of your dab rig, light up the concentrate with your blowtorch, and inhale.

Cannabis Caviar vs. Moon Rocks: What’s The Difference?

Cannabis caviar is sometimes known as “moon rocks” – is there a difference? Yes, but they are small. The differences lie in the quality of the product used, the addition of kief, and the price!

Like the caviar form, moon rocks are buds that have been dipped in hash oil; unlike caviar, moon rocks are always rolled in a layer of kief. The goal is to create a product that is as potent as possible, so moon rocks use buds, hash oil, and kief with the highest levels of THC. Moon rocks can contain as much as 50-91% or more THC, and only the most experienced consumers should use it. Because of this quality, moon rocks are also more expensive than cannabis caviar.

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